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 The Creator

Christy Marie is an Energy Healer who works through different modalities. The main avenues she uses are Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, and Reiki. Advocating for others on their journey to heal themselves is a core value for both Christy and Diviiine ‘Scense. A physical manifestation of all the ways she shares her energy with the collective to ensure we are connected to self, the community, and our ancestors. Christy strongly believes in the power of holistic wellness and making it accessible to all while using the land responsibly to heal trauma. She has facilitated healing spaces both physically and virtually. Christy is a trained aromatherapist, certified Reiki Master and Notary. 

Our Products

Diviiine 'Scense's Aromatherapy products are clean and free of synthetic chemicals. Aside from A lush smelling aroma, our products are all natural and handmade.

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