Words To Soothe Your Inner Child

Words To Soothe Your Inner Child

Many of us have heard our parents say:

“We did the best we could” When it came to our upbringing.

It doesn’t change the harm that our parents may have caused. We may never get the apology that we desperately want or need. We have to re/parent ourselves. Children are vulnerable and highly impressionable beings, to be handled with great care. We know this. It is the same for our inner child. We can confront, heal and shed our childhood traumas when when we offer our younger self compassion.

When a memory is resurfacing, try these statements to help soothe your inner child.

  • You Are Safe Now.
  • I'm Sorry That Happened To You.
  • You Can Create Your Own Family.
  • You Were Always Deserving Of Love.
  • It Is Not Your Job To Save Or Fix Your Parents.
  • It Wasn't Your Fault.

This has helped me immensely on my journey of self healing. 

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