Nurturing Your Sexual Power

Nurturing Your Sexual Power

Sexual energy is very powerful. It is personal POWER. Working with your sacral and root chakra is a GREAT way to hone in on that energy.

Some ways you can do that is:
  •  Affirmations, mantras
  •  Crystal healing on corresponding chakra- some common stones you can work with are Carnelian, Garnet, Smokey Quartz & Rose Quartz

If you would like to amplify this energy, sit in front of a mirror (preferably nude) and use one or both of the previous methods. 

  • I release shame around sex & my sexuality.
  • I am worthy of pleasure.
  • My sexual energy is DIVINE.
  • I release shame about touching my body.
  • I am desirable as I am.

I am sharing this based on personal experience. Remember to go with what works for you. Sexual energy is something to be nurtured. Don’t be afraid to use it and PLEASE don’t let people shame you into suppressing it.

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