Healing Is Not Linear

Healing Is Not Linear

I became a REIKI MASTER this weekend! I’m so excited and grateful to be in this moment.

I let my Pisces rising have it’s way and had a good cry in the car. It was a liberating moment. I celebrate that. For years I suppressed emotions because growing up I didn’t have a space to fully express myself without penalty. Here I am now in 2021, letting that shit flow. 🌊

To me, THAT is growth.

I will speak for myself and say that since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of unfinished business and unpacking of trauma came to the forefront. I knew in order to grow in my path, I would have to confront all those issues as they resurface.

Healing of self is a never ending process. It’s not something that you do and then you’re done. The way healing has been depicted online of people meditating and finding their chi ain’t the full picture. We are shown sides ourselves that we would never expose to the world in fear of judgment. It can be ugly, painful even. Sometimes you must go it alone and other times you must seek out help.

Healing is not linear. Don’t try to rush through it. What we think will be a straight line can turn out to be something far from it. That is ok. Every day is a chance to break through. You have the right to exist free of fear. 

look forward to offering you all Reiki Attunements in the future.
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