30 Days Of Affirmations To Lift The Spirit

30 Days Of Affirmations To Lift The Spirit

Diviiine 'scense affirmations

Blessings all,

I hope your heart is well. When is the last time you checked in with yourself? With Spirit? We are in a tumultuous time right now but it doesn't mean have to lose ourselves in the process. Now is the time stay grounded and pinpoint what matters the most and that is YOU.  I have written 30 days worth of affirmations that you can use before, during or after your personal practice. May this lead you down a path of personal healing and clarity.

With Gratitude,

Christy Marie

  1. I must be an advocate for my own personal healing. 

  2. I love you, fully, as you are in this moment.

  3. I speak up for myself and my needs.

  4. I am a degree of sweetness that is of flowers, bees, and honey.

  5. My self worth is not based on my amount of productivity.

  6. Everyday I wake up with love in my heart. 

  7. I am a living love letter to my ancestors.

  8. I pour into myself as I would pour into others.

  9. I am consciously choosing to make today a good day.

  10. What is meant for me will present itself in perfect timing. 

  11. I am enough. I will ALWAYS be enough. 

  12. When I follow my divine path, everything blooms naturally.

  13. I accept all the love & healing that is flowing into my life.

  14. Even though there is war around me, I possess the power of my ancestors within me.

  15. I give myself permission to rest.

  16. I affirm my ability to be soft without consequence or shame.

  17. I am WORTHY of love that feeds my soul. 

  18. I am a catalyst for change.

  19. Happiness is mine.

  20. I hide no shame in this skin. 

  21. I will flourish in all my endeavors.

  22. I have people in my life who cherish my very essence. 

  23. I move through this plane with grace.

  24. I release any negativity that interrupts the flow of my dreams.

  25. I surround myself with kindred spirits who lift me up.

  26. I transcend stress of any kind. 

  27. I do not measure my own self worth from the opinions of others. 

  28. I create and maintain MEANINGFUL relationships with others. 

  29. I allow love to flow from the divine. 

  30. I give myself permission to be at peace.

    Official Affirmations book is coming soon!

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